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Investment & Growth Strategies

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Digital Core REIT’s principal investment strategy is to invest in a diversified portfolio of stabilised income-producing real estate assets located globally which are used primarily for data centre purposes, as well as assets necessary to support the digital economy.

The term “stabilised income-producing real estate asset” in relation to the investment mandate as set out above shall mean an operating real estate asset which meets the following criteria as at the date of the proposed offer:

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Achieved a minimum occupancy of at least 90%

Achieved an average rental rate at least comparable to the market rental rate for similar assets as determined by the valuer commissioned for the latest valuation of such asset

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Digital Core REIT being satisfied that there are no material asset enhancement initiatives required within two years of the acquisition of such asset; and is suitable for acquisition by Digital Core REIT, taking into account market conditions at the time of the proposed offer.

Our objectives are to provide Unitholders with regular and stable distributions and to achieve long-term growth in Distribution Per Unit and Net Asset Value, while maintaining an appropriate capital structure.

The manager plans to achieve their objectives through the following key strategies:

  • Proactive asset management and asset enhancement strategy
    The Manager will actively manage Digital Core REIT’s property portfolio with the objectives of achieving growth in gross revenue and net property income, maintaining optimal occupancy levels and facilitating asset enhancement opportunities.
  • Investments and acquisition growth strategy
    The Manager will seek to achieve portfolio growth through the acquisition of quality income-producing properties that fit within Digital Core REIT’s investment strategy to enhance the return to Unitholders and to pursue opportunities with future income and capital growth.
  • Capital management strategy
    The Manager will endeavour to employ an appropriate mix of debt and equity in financing acquisitions, and will adopt financing policies to optimise risk-adjusted returns to Unitholders.